Okay so remember the other day when I said I needed pics to try to be an extra on Revolution

Well I got my cousin to take some pics for me. These are some of the ones I didn’t entirely hate. 

I need to choose one of the top two, and one of the bottom two. Any opinions? 

  1. sabsxy said: You look good, don’t call your face stupid!! I’d choose the top left and the bottom..eueehh it’s hard to chose. Bottom left.
  2. sugarmamabear said: Top left and bottom right!
  3. therhinestonestothisstory said: You are beautiful!
  4. overachievious said: top left, bottom right, see if you can twist the bottom right at all so it isn’t so slanted, but those.
  5. dek-says-so said: I’d say top left and bottom left.
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